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Venezuelan music and culture are the product of a diverse set of cultural traditions. A real melting pot, influenced by the meeting of three cultures: the 500-year-old musical traditions of the indigenous, native Venezuelans, the Arab-Andalusian songs and dances of the Spanish conquerors and the intricate patterns of the music from different West African countries.

The complex tones, numerous rhythmic variations and the virtuosity demanded in the execution of folk poetry have made Venezuelan folk music one of Latin America's most dynamic art forms.

One of the most popular and traditional styles of music in Venezuela is the Joropo, our national dance, played with harps, cuatros, bandolas, mandolins, bass (of European origin) and maracas (of native, Venezuelan origin).

In the central coast of the nation, we can dance to numerous rhythmic variations played with Afro-Venezuelan instruments such the cumaco drum, clarines, palos, curbatas, pipas, culo ‘e puya drums, quitiplas, tamboras, tamboritos and fulia drums among many others (of West African origin). Most of the lyrics are in spanish with a call-response singing format.

Among some of the most popular Afro-Venezuelan drumming we should mention the “sangueo” (a processional drumming to honor San Juan Bautista), the “quitiplas” (stomping bamboo ensemble) and the “golpe de tambor”. This last one being one of the most important representatives of the Afro-Venezuelan style of music. Golpes de tambor are played in a more sustained tempo to which an experienced drummer will improvised highly syncopated patterns.

Other popular rhythms such as the gaita, tamborera, parranda and calypso, show the integration of the three cultures by combining the native Venezuelan instruments, the European Spanish language and string instruments and the West African rhythms and dances.

VMP brings to the stage an array of these musical forms. The band has a collection of authentic instruments from Venezuela, so the audience can experience the original sounds and feel of the music.